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Using the first comment from a friend. I wont use her name because her status was not public.

this was the Facebook photo that started this whole thing. This is what this is all about.

This was the Facebook photo that started this whole thing. This is what this is all about.

Actually, lots of people want to cuddle with “a stick”.
Now, if someone were to ask: “Who wants to snuggle with someone you can’t fit your arms around?” should we NOT take that offensively?
Curves or no, someone loves the way you look, even in spite of how you THINK you look (and it’s even better if YOU love the way you look).
You wouldn’t tell a larger woman to lay off the cheeseburgers, would you? What makes you think a thin one wants you to tell them to EAT one? You’ve got curves you’re proud of? Awesome. You’ve got little to none and you like it? Awesome too.
Body shaming people for being curve-less is just as bad for body-shaming for being “fat”
Knock it off. ~My friend

I say fat shaming a person does not motivate us to get thin in any way at all. The only thing it does is make us feel like total shit. I am not thin so obviously have never been on the other end or have been thin shamed like being called a skeleton or told I was anorexic but I imagine it doesn’t make them feel good either, Stop the shaming.

I would like to say I have been told to lay off of all kinds of food and also told to put down the fork or been barked at or had whale noises made at me etc. I have been fat shamed more time that I could even begin to count even by people I know very well, been friends with at some point, and even at time relatives. Some people tell me they do it to make me want to get thin. That isn’t how it works.

I also agreed and replied to my friend’s initial post: Actually a lot of people tell us bigger ladies to lay off the cheeseburgers or tell us to put down the fork. Regardless, I agree. I like women of all shapes and sizes. There it no “right” size. I am not getting into the fat equals unhealthy debate with anyone because there are plenty of healthy curvy women and plenty of unhealthy thin and athletic women. If you are a woman that is kind, shares interests with me and can make me laugh, I do not care how many or how few curves you have, I like you. Being who you really are is what makes you beautiful. Confidence makes you beautiful. Intelligence makes you beautiful. Humor makes you beautiful. We need to stop telling each other how ugly we all are, we are actually hurting our own minds against ourselves and others and making us legitimately hate ourselves.

I am big and I know it. Some days I hate myself and some days when my hair has just been done or my skin looks good or I have one of my my favorite outfits I downright feel good about myself. Don’t stop me and try and ruin my day because you think you are trying to “help me” I know you and your friends are just trying to get a laugh, it isn’t funny and I am too fucking fabulous for that shit. I even have a date, proof I can be me and people will still like me so go choke on that, /flex


Special Stupid

Today has been one of those days where the people who belong to a special breed of stupid have all been on the rampage.  You know when someone leaves you a comment on Facebook that starts with “ummmmm derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” that it is going to be followed buy pure idiocy. Right after that charming woman’s comment I ran across another one that included phrases such as “a whyll back” “not hes fault” and “every nite”. She also seems to think you and u, are and r, and people and ppl are acceptably interchangeable. This isn’t a cellphone from the 1990’s there is no need to type that way. I spend a lot of my free time on online games that involve a lot of typing and it is less common in those games where people type and fight at the same time than it is on Facebook.

I had someone chew me out on Facebook because on their daily picture posts are titled “to funny” I told him it was actually too and not to. He ranted on calling me a bitch and telling me if grammar mattered and if anyone cared that he would use a spell check but that because “everyone knows what he meant” that it doesn’t matter.  It actually does matter though, they are two different goddamn words. What made it extra sad though was his next post was a repost of those phrases typed with the letters out of order except the first and last of the word titled “only 5% of the population can read this repost if you can!”. He commented on it saying he knew he was really intelligent and this only proved it. I would also like to add that this is a person who posts random pictures on a regular basis that say things like “Share and comment 1 to see what happens”. Nothing happens idiot, it never has and it never will. Just think, a lot of these people have drivers licenses, children and jobs. They are out there and that scares me.

I know people get irritated when people correct their spelling. I have heard the title Grammar Nazi thrown around at people who try to correct a mistake. Why all the hate? Has anyone taken a good look at the internet lately? I don’t care if you think it is rude, there is a point when someone needs to tell you that you are 8 letters off in spelling a word. I spell things incorrectly regularly as do most human beings. The problem is that when no one says anything, the misspellings get weirder and get to the point that it is hard to even decipher what it is you tried to say. Save my sanity and pick up a book once in a while. Some recent gems I have seen:


Endure/Indoor    Used in a sentence saying “No one should have to indoor the pain of divorce. I indoored it and it was hell.”



Knowledge/ Nolege




Tactics/ Takktiks

Direction/  Direckshion (I just saw this today and had to add it. Wow.)

I am not immune either, my best friend and I type too quickly and occasionally spell some words so strangely you wouldn’t be able to decipher them with a savant code breaker. Some of these words have become staples in our conversations like “plau” and “abrf”. The difference is we have a good chuckle when it happens. I have a card or “crud” sitting here on my desk containing the phrase “tsronger hotdogas?” Sometimes someone just needs to point at you and tell you that you sound like an idiot. Make a mental note, smile, and move on.


snowed in again.

Snowed in again.

I have a high tendency to get up and leave where I live and sporadically move. It is probably due to the fact that I never really have a lot in one area aside from a person or two to keep me where i’m at. If whatever reason or person it was that initially swayed me to live somewhere fails me I just grab my shit and go. I have moved 900 miles with half a days notice. I have moved out of state 6 times in the last 8 years with just whatever fit in my car. Half of the time I have no exact destination other than a direction or an area near a group of people I know. I usually stay in a location for maybe three or four years before I get the itch to migrate someplace else. I would love to find a permanent state or area to live in but to do that I would probably need to win the lottery. I moved here to New Hampshire from Pennsylvania in 2010. I was born here so it was a good spot to stop and think about things for a while. Now it is 2013 and the only thing keeping me here is my best friend, the fact I can’t afford to move yet, and the lack of a specific destination. I would love a partner in crime who understood the bizarre way my mind works to come with me or to be someplace I want to be. Unfortunately it is a rare breed indeed, at least around here it is. I do not fit in very well here. I have offers of dates and such from people around here once in a while but I  can safely say they wouldn’t understand me. It might be nice to meet someone but not here because I am secretly afraid of getting anchored to this snowdrift.

I have all kinds of clusters of friends in all kinds of places all over the world. I have a hard time deciding where to go due the wide range of places my family and friends live. I do not have one solid group of family or friends in any one location so choosing one is pretty much a lose lose situation. The other issue is that the places with the most concentrated groups of people I care about, are all places I really don’t want to be. They all live in frozen hell holes, I am living in one now and I hate it. Anywhere that seems climate pleasing to me is of course as far away from everyone as I could get. So do I chose a few friends and  family in some icy hell or do I go someplace warmer and go totally alone. I know that I don’t want to be here but I also know that if I left I would have to leave the people that mean the most behind.

New Hampshire, Live Freeze and Die.

New Hampshire, Live
Freeze and Die.