Today would have been mom’s 60th birthday. Anyone who knows me is already well aware, she died in May on Mother’s Day only a few months ago. I will be honest and say I have been worried about today for the last two weeks. As soon as I realized her birthday was approaching I became anxious about it. My days since she has been gone range from relatively ok to really far from it. I knew today was going to hurt so what I did was make plans for the day to try and keep me out of my head.

First I planned on seeing my therapist then after I was going to write this entry. Later I plan on calling my sister, and lastly going to dinner some place mom would have liked.

To remember my mom I thought I would tell some stories about her that were always good for a laugh. My reasoning being it is harder to cry when you are laughing. So before I cry again let me tell you about mom summoning the fourth stooge, mom’s adventures with men, and mom trying to show lucy where the moon is.

The fourth stooge

One night while my sister was visiting we were getting on our certain brand of strange by shouting “Kong Kong” and beating our chests like the tribal scene in King Kong when the tribe is summoning him to his sacrifice. For whatever reason mom thought Kong was one of the Three Stooges and said “Oh The Three Stooges!”. Right after mom said that Lucy shouted “YES KONG! Summon the fourth stooge!” King Kong has been the fourth stooge ever since.


Summoning the fourth stooge 

Mom and her men

For the last couple years mom spent at home we got into the habit of watching TV shows and movies together at night. One night I introduced one of the shows I had on DVD to her, True Blood. When i explained what the show was about she said it sounded stupid and mentioned she didn’t like science fiction of any kind. I talked her into just one episode and told her if she didn’t like it I would find something else. All throughout the first episode mom kept saying “Oh my” and making yummy sounds. By the time the episode was over and she had caught a glimpse of some of the male actors mom had already decided it was her favorite show EVER. We watched all the way through half of season 5 before she lost her ability to watch TV. Every day for over a year she would ask if there was more True Blood she could watch. If there wasn’t she was happy to rewatch episodes. I am not even sure she knew what the story was some of the time. I think 80% of her watching that show was to drool over Alcide. I have not finished the show yet, it is a little weird to watch an episode without her.

In the same vein as mom’s love for True Blood, one night she rented Magic Mike. I have never heard mom shout at the TV so much in my life. She had her hands up in the air like she was on a scantily clad rollercoaster. As soon as it was over she shouted “I want this on DVD for Christmas!” hahaha oooooh boy.

Where is the moon

Mom was extremely gullible. When my brother told her that dachshunds were used in place of parrots on the shoulders of German pirates, she believed him. One night mom was outside pointing out the moon to Lucy. When she claimed she couldn’t see it mom pulled her over 2 inches and asked if she could see it from there. Lucy pulled the same prank when mom pulled up outside of a power plant and asked Lucy if she could see it. When Lucy again said no, mom pulled her a couple of inches toward her seat and asked again. We often had some fun with the crazy things mom would believe.

If you were here today mom I would watch all the True Blood you wanted. I wish you could have been here, we all do. Happy birthday, we love you.

mom 6