I have been gone for a while because my mom who has been sick for a long time finally reached the point of no return and died this Mother’s Day. Sorry for the downer and seriousness that isn’t going to be a normal thing for this blog. I started another just for that rollercoaster ride from hell.  I just wanted the people who read this to know where I have been. There are still many funny things I need to tell, so many I should have a list. Things have just been a mess right now. All will return to normal soon. I am going to try and get back into the habit of writing about things that are weird, stupid, and funny. I will be back soon I promise.

On a higher note I dyed all of my hair neon blue. I had the back of my hair cut off though so the parts on the back are basically chopped off to about half an inch. A friend had to do this for me because I would have just painted my face instead.