Using the first comment from a friend. I wont use her name because her status was not public.

this was the Facebook photo that started this whole thing. This is what this is all about.

This was the Facebook photo that started this whole thing. This is what this is all about.

Actually, lots of people want to cuddle with “a stick”.
Now, if someone were to ask: “Who wants to snuggle with someone you can’t fit your arms around?” should we NOT take that offensively?
Curves or no, someone loves the way you look, even in spite of how you THINK you look (and it’s even better if YOU love the way you look).
You wouldn’t tell a larger woman to lay off the cheeseburgers, would you? What makes you think a thin one wants you to tell them to EAT one? You’ve got curves you’re proud of? Awesome. You’ve got little to none and you like it? Awesome too.
Body shaming people for being curve-less is just as bad for body-shaming for being “fat”
Knock it off. ~My friend

I say fat shaming a person does not motivate us to get thin in any way at all. The only thing it does is make us feel like total shit. I am not thin so obviously have never been on the other end or have been thin shamed like being called a skeleton or told I was anorexic but I imagine it doesn’t make them feel good either, Stop the shaming.

I would like to say I have been told to lay off of all kinds of food and also told to put down the fork or been barked at or had whale noises made at me etc. I have been fat shamed more time that I could even begin to count even by people I know very well, been friends with at some point, and even at time relatives. Some people tell me they do it to make me want to get thin. That isn’t how it works.

I also agreed and replied to my friend’s initial post: Actually a lot of people tell us bigger ladies to lay off the cheeseburgers or tell us to put down the fork. Regardless, I agree. I like women of all shapes and sizes. There it no “right” size. I am not getting into the fat equals unhealthy debate with anyone because there are plenty of healthy curvy women and plenty of unhealthy thin and athletic women. If you are a woman that is kind, shares interests with me and can make me laugh, I do not care how many or how few curves you have, I like you. Being who you really are is what makes you beautiful. Confidence makes you beautiful. Intelligence makes you beautiful. Humor makes you beautiful. We need to stop telling each other how ugly we all are, we are actually hurting our own minds against ourselves and others and making us legitimately hate ourselves.

I am big and I know it. Some days I hate myself and some days when my hair has just been done or my skin looks good or I have one of my my favorite outfits I downright feel good about myself. Don’t stop me and try and ruin my day because you think you are trying to “help me” I know you and your friends are just trying to get a laugh, it isn’t funny and I am too fucking fabulous for that shit. I even have a date, proof I can be me and people will still like me so go choke on that, /flex