Today has been one of those days where the people who belong to a special breed of stupid have all been on the rampage.  You know when someone leaves you a comment on Facebook that starts with “ummmmm derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” that it is going to be followed buy pure idiocy. Right after that charming woman’s comment I ran across another one that included phrases such as “a whyll back” “not hes fault” and “every nite”. She also seems to think you and u, are and r, and people and ppl are acceptably interchangeable. This isn’t a cellphone from the 1990’s there is no need to type that way. I spend a lot of my free time on online games that involve a lot of typing and it is less common in those games where people type and fight at the same time than it is on Facebook.

I had someone chew me out on Facebook because on their daily picture posts are titled “to funny” I told him it was actually too and not to. He ranted on calling me a bitch and telling me if grammar mattered and if anyone cared that he would use a spell check but that because “everyone knows what he meant” that it doesn’t matter.  It actually does matter though, they are two different goddamn words. What made it extra sad though was his next post was a repost of those phrases typed with the letters out of order except the first and last of the word titled “only 5% of the population can read this repost if you can!”. He commented on it saying he knew he was really intelligent and this only proved it. I would also like to add that this is a person who posts random pictures on a regular basis that say things like “Share and comment 1 to see what happens”. Nothing happens idiot, it never has and it never will. Just think, a lot of these people have drivers licenses, children and jobs. They are out there and that scares me.