My sister is visiting for a few days because of a job she has at an annual craft fair.  Her usual job makes her work third shift so she is awake all night. We were bored and playing random games on our e readers all night which eventually led us to a game called Mousetown. It is fairly addictive as most of those games can be, so we sat there for quite a while playing it. At random my sister Lucy would randomly talk to her game using a very deep Dr. Claw like voice. She would say things like “I am the mayor of Mousetown.” “Mouse whores find more cheese” etc. I referred to her ad Dr. claw for the remainder of the time we played the game. At one point she said something I found to be quite amusing and because it was 4am and people were sleeping across the hall I tried very hard not to laugh. Trying to hold in a laugh and failing makes a wheezey kind of laugh that I just could not stop. Lucy was entertained by my failure to be quiet and said “nice laugh Wheezy McWheezerton” then all of the sudden she burst out “OH MY GOD! I AM DR. CLAW AND YOU ARE MY CAT”

The brain rots when you play Mousetown all night kids. Remember that.