I know people get irritated when people correct their spelling. I have heard the title Grammar Nazi thrown around at people who try to correct a mistake. Why all the hate? Has anyone taken a good look at the internet lately? I don’t care if you think it is rude, there is a point when someone needs to tell you that you are 8 letters off in spelling a word. I spell things incorrectly regularly as do most human beings. The problem is that when no one says anything, the misspellings get weirder and get to the point that it is hard to even decipher what it is you tried to say. Save my sanity and pick up a book once in a while. Some recent gems I have seen:


Endure/Indoor    Used in a sentence saying “No one should have to indoor the pain of divorce. I indoored it and it was hell.”



Knowledge/ Nolege




Tactics/ Takktiks

Direction/  Direckshion (I just saw this today and had to add it. Wow.)

I am not immune either, my best friend and I type too quickly and occasionally spell some words so strangely you wouldn’t be able to decipher them with a savant code breaker. Some of these words have become staples in our conversations like “plau” and “abrf”. The difference is we have a good chuckle when it happens. I have a card or “crud” sitting here on my desk containing the phrase “tsronger hotdogas?” Sometimes someone just needs to point at you and tell you that you sound like an idiot. Make a mental note, smile, and move on.