snowed in again.

Snowed in again.

I have a high tendency to get up and leave where I live and sporadically move. It is probably due to the fact that I never really have a lot in one area aside from a person or two to keep me where i’m at. If whatever reason or person it was that initially swayed me to live somewhere fails me I just grab my shit and go. I have moved 900 miles with half a days notice. I have moved out of state 6 times in the last 8 years with just whatever fit in my car. Half of the time I have no exact destination other than a direction or an area near a group of people I know. I usually stay in a location for maybe three or four years before I get the itch to migrate someplace else. I would love to find a permanent state or area to live in but to do that I would probably need to win the lottery. I moved here to New Hampshire from Pennsylvania in 2010. I was born here so it was a good spot to stop and think about things for a while. Now it is 2013 and the only thing keeping me here is my best friend, the fact I can’t afford to move yet, and the lack of a specific destination. I would love a partner in crime who understood the bizarre way my mind works to come with me or to be someplace I want to be. Unfortunately it is a rare breed indeed, at least around here it is. I do not fit in very well here. I have offers of dates and such from people around here once in a while but I  can safely say they wouldn’t understand me. It might be nice to meet someone but not here because I am secretly afraid of getting anchored to this snowdrift.

I have all kinds of clusters of friends in all kinds of places all over the world. I have a hard time deciding where to go due the wide range of places my family and friends live. I do not have one solid group of family or friends in any one location so choosing one is pretty much a lose lose situation. The other issue is that the places with the most concentrated groups of people I care about, are all places I really don’t want to be. They all live in frozen hell holes, I am living in one now and I hate it. Anywhere that seems climate pleasing to me is of course as far away from everyone as I could get. So do I chose a few friends and  family in some icy hell or do I go someplace warmer and go totally alone. I know that I don’t want to be here but I also know that if I left I would have to leave the people that mean the most behind.

New Hampshire, Live Freeze and Die.

New Hampshire, Live
Freeze and Die.